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This sindoor is distributed to the disciples after three days of festival when the temple is closed. The name of the fest is Ambu Bachi Mela. For this fest not only the devotees from all over the world reach here also the powerful tantrics, black magicians and pundits also reach the temple to collect the sindoor to fulfill their purposes.


Kamiya-Sindoor-Vashikaran-Mantra Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran Mantra
This sindoor is very important because it is the only sindoor that is found in the form of rocks. This sindoor is very powerful and when it is rubbed in between the hands it will create a magnetic effect and as results the siddha mantra are invoked. This will act as a important source to get blessings from the Adhi Sakthi Mata Parvathi, this is enough for you to solve any type of problems in your life and you can achieve success in anything in your life. This will help you to fulfill all your desires in your life.


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